Depending on where you live, it may or may not be legal to purchase locksmithing supplies and equipment. In Arizona, the last time I checked, there were (thankfully) no such restrictions. Lots of things are available on the internet. Here are some sources:

LAB Locksmith Tools

It does not look like LAB sells direct, but they list an outlet in Tucson:

IDN West, which in Tucson is at 4500 East Speedway, Suite 62, 520-322-5625.

Rekeying locks

Here is a copy of the Schlage Lock rekeying manual To rekey (in my case) Schlage locks, you need a supply of "bottom pins". The best deal I found (and ordered using paypal) was a set with 50 of each size (there are 10 sizes, 0-9) for $14.99 from Ebuilder pin kit.
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